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Whether it is just about to find out if Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing technologies could be beneficial for your business, or you like to implement AM technologies into your current production processes. We are there to assist with our expertise, our partners and network. We will assess, if and how Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing technologies can be applied for your specific application and determine the potential to optimise these processes.

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Sol Ryan lost his arm 10 days after birth & his father, Ben began making prototypes with a #3Dprinter. Sol is now 2 & living his best life with his new arm. Watch their story & how Ben hopes 3D printing & his life-changing #designs can bring joy to more kids around the world.

I couldn't agree more -> Dr. Karsten Heuser from the Competence Center AM #Siemens on Conventional vs. #AdditiveManufacturing "With (metal) AM the entire value chain has to be assessed" > #MetalAM is always an interdisciplinary team effort & design is key

Shhh! Keep your #design a secret if you want to #protect it. Find out more:

Great article in the German Süddeutsche Zeitung @SZ about a woman with the idea to manufacture fluid-dynamic probes with metal #AdditiveManufacturing. Turning this idea into a successful business called #metalAM #metal3Dprinting

Congrats to University of New South Wales (Australia) who has won a Concept Laser Mlab / metal Additive Manufacturing system of GE’s Additive Education Program. #UNSW #GEAdditive #AdditiveManufacturing

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