CONSULT3D services focus Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, technologies.
We specialise in metal-based additive processes and their industrial implementation.

We provide impartial expertise on Additive Manufacturing processes, machinery & accessories, set-up planning, import & installation, material sourcing and development of process parameters.
Benefit from our experience and in-depth understanding of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) processes.

Sol Ryan lost his arm 10 days after birth & his father, Ben began making prototypes with a #3Dprinter. Sol is now 2 & living his best life with his new arm. Watch their story & how Ben hopes 3D printing & his life-changing #designs can bring joy to more kids around the world.

I couldn't agree more -> Dr. Karsten Heuser from the Competence Center AM #Siemens on Conventional vs. #AdditiveManufacturing "With (metal) AM the entire value chain has to be assessed" > #MetalAM is always an interdisciplinary team effort & design is key

Shhh! Keep your #design a secret if you want to #protect it. Find out more:

Great article in the German Süddeutsche Zeitung @SZ about a woman with the idea to manufacture fluid-dynamic probes with metal #AdditiveManufacturing. Turning this idea into a successful business called #metalAM #metal3Dprinting

Congrats to University of New South Wales (Australia) who has won a Concept Laser Mlab / metal Additive Manufacturing system of GE’s Additive Education Program. #UNSW #GEAdditive #AdditiveManufacturing

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