CONSULT3D services focus Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, technologies.
We specialise in metal-based additive processes and their industrial implementation.

We provide impartial expertise on Additive Manufacturing processes, machinery & accessories, set-up planning, import & installation, material sourcing and development of process parameters.
Benefit from our experience and in-depth understanding of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) processes.

My first look the @OfficialSPEE3D metal #3Dprinting system. Launched today at #formnext2017

"Innovation needs intention. Opportunity will come from unexpected places: but you have to be ready to reach for it and welcome it in." Dr Finkel at the launch of #Innovation Week 2017 this week: #innovationwk

#Renishaw launches four laser RenAM 500Q metal 3D printer - #AdditiveManufacturing #formnext2017 @renishawplc @AddMfgMedia

Scanlab launches new 3D calibration wizard for laser AdditiveManufacturing systems. Still waiting for an insitu solution

LPW Technology announces strategic partnership with Airbus APWORKS and ads SCALMALLOY® to the portfolio. #AdditiveManufacturing #metalpowder #3Dprinting

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