AM in AERO industry / BAE Systems

BAE Systems is using Additive Manufacturing since years and years.
Chris Allam and Mike Murray from BAE Systems explains in this video what advantages metal 3D printing has to offer.

It is highlighting how beneficial 3D metal printing is for the maintenance of the Panavia TORNADO fighter jets,
one of BAE Sytems largest maintenance contracts.

Considering that one component of the pilots oxygen supply on the TYPHOON / EUROFIGHTER jet is build
using metal 3D printing, BAE has flying series parts since several years.

In this video John Dunstan presents on Additive Manufacturing as a disruptive technology in aircraft manufacturing.
He talks about the opportunities and the challenges of Additive Manufacturing and scopes into the future. John further explains how 60% weight reduction can be realized by applying topology optimization combined with Additive Manufacturing.
But I think it is also great to hear how many AM technologies are applied not certainly for production but for tooling and to assist