Whether it is just about to find out if Additive Manufacturing could be beneficial for your business,
or you like to implement AM technology. We are there to assist you with our impartial expertise.

Project support
Do you have a project where you would like to apply Additive Manufacturing technologies?
We know the technology, machine supplier and service provider in the AM-industry.

With experience using multiple AM technologies, different specialized software and also related
technologies, we can help you to get the results you are after. At fixed hourly rates, we assist
you when needed. On and off-site whenever it is required.

Contact us and see what we can do for you.


Hardware Consulting
Identifying the best Additive Manufacturing process and machinery for your specific requirements can be challenging. We can provide you with expertise based on extensive experience in different industries.
Let us help you determine your specific requirements. Based on this information we create for you a decision-making matrix to compare different processes and AM systems.
We can plan, conduct and evaluate benchmark builds to validate the process or ensure the machine
selected has all the desired capabilities to match your production requirements.
Allow us to help you to identify what accessories and personal protective equipment will be required to ensure smooth and safe operation from day one.
We have experience in planning and realizing multiple different machine setups. We know what’s needed to make a production or research set-up work.


Software Consulting
With years of experience using different software products to create, inspect and optimise 3D files, we can provide you with a comprehensive overview of what software solutions are available for your needs.
Creating the design is only a part of the digital production process. Quality assurance requires part and material batch tracking through the whole process. Let us assist you to identify the best software that streamlines the data preparation for your digital production process.


Design for Additive Manufacturing
Let us assist you creating designs feasible to realized by AM.
Additive Manufacturing technologies usually are allowing a higher level of design complexity compared to traditional manufacturing methods.
As the design has the biggest influence on a business case involving AM technologies, these restrictions need to be considered as early as possible.


Operational layout planning
Considering all operational requirements during the planning phase is a crucial factor
for a fully functional setup.
Benefit from our experience and inquire about a professional operational layout.


Import and installation
We are experienced with international shipping and transport.
Let us arrange the shipment of your equipment, plan and organize
transport and installation in close coordination with the manufacturer.
We can assist during installation and training and troubleshoot if required.

Seminars and Workshops on Additive Manufacturing

Would you like to know more about AM technologies and their applications?
Book a session with us, and we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of materials, machines, and applications. Benefit from our experience using a range of different AM technologies and systems for applications in the education, medical, dental, aeronautical and turbine industry. Workshops always 
are tailored according to your specific interests.