Sheet lamination

 Sheet Lamination

Sheet Lamination also known as Laminate Object Manufacturing (LOM).

In 1987 Michael Feygin filed a U.S. patent describing the process that would later be called Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM). The process was commercialised in the 1990s by Helisys Cooperation, later known as Cubic Technologies. In 2005 Mcore Technologies entered the marked with a LOM process enabling full-colour parts.

Functional principal
1. Feedstock in form of sheets or from a roll is layed down on a vertical moveable platform.
2. The layer is fused to the pable with either an adhesive deposited beforehand or the layer is already coated with adhesive on the downfacing side. In this case a heated roller is moving over the top surface activates the adhesive.
3. A laser or blade is cuts out the 2D contour of the layer. Additional crosshatching eases removal of excess material at the end of the process.
4. The next layer is layed down and the process continues