The NEW  BigRep

Print significantly faster and in a wider variety of print specifications by installing a BigRep Power Extruder on your BigRep ONE.

1 > Power Extruder for faster and/or more precise prints

2 > Accepts the new power hotends with 0.6 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm nozzles

3 > Flexibility to independently switch hotends as required

 BigRep Power Extruder

BigRep is dedicated to consistently optimising its advanced technology, making its large-scale workhorse printers even more high-performing for big industrial projects that demand big results.

Accelerate print times by up to 60% with higher material throughput, at the same resolution level, depending on geometry and print parameters. Maximise the output of your BigRep ONE by completing prints even up to 100% faster with the 2 mm hotend.

Experience higher print speed in combination with a finer surface finish, thanks to new hotends with 0.6 mm and 2 mm nozzles, as well as the standard 1 mm version. Switch hotends yourself in as little as 10 minutes, for optimum range and flexibility in print projects.


Nozzle Size1mm0.6mm – 2mm
Layer Height Range0.3 – 0.8mm0.1mm – 1.6mm
Max. Throughput with 1mm Nozzle (% comparison)22 mm³/s40 mm³/s (+82%)
Max. Throughput for Extruder (% comparison)22 mm³/s55 mm³/s (+150%)