Fused deposition modelling (FDM) technology uses thermoplastics in the form of a filament as raw 3D printing material. The two most commonly used polymers are PLA and PETG. BigRep’s filaments are created under carefully-controlled conditions to guarantee uniform diameters, roundness, composition and colour.

BigRep offers a range of translucent and opaque colours. The colours are inspired by the spirit of our birthplace, the city of Berlin. From the cool tones of the “Wannsee Blau” to the warmer hues of the landmark “Rotes Rathaus”, our unique colour palette opens the doors to free innovation. Our translucent PETG filaments are available in three colours. We also offer a large range of filament spool sizes from 750 grammes to 8 kilogrammes.

BigRep puts a lot into enabling not only innovation in our 3D printers but also in the development of our 3D printing material. It’s with this approach that the BigRep PRO HT and the BigRep PRO HS were developed, our “industrial filaments” are the ecological and innovative alternative to ABS. The PRO HT is a high-temperature resistant filament and the PRO HS is a high-speed 3D printing filament.